No, I did not wake up like this... (eye patches and ice rolling morning routine)

No, I did not wake up like this... (eye patches and ice rolling morning routine)

No, I did not wake up like this.... If you want to know what I look like when I wake up, think Shrek +  Hitch after he gets his allergic reaction HA. Jk that's a little dramatic.

But in all seriousness, some days I wake up with a puffy face. Usually if I don't get enough sleep or drink enough water the day before, my eyes look swollen and my face just looks puffy and tired. OR if I eat & drink CRAP the night before- you guessed it, Hitch-post-allergic-reaction.   I've shown a few videos on Instastories of my morning routine (eye patches + ice rolling) and whenever I post these vids I get a TON of DMs from you guys asking what the heck I'm doing.  So today is all about my morning de-puffing regimen!

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Eye Mask Review


How do I look guys?! In all honesty, this is how you can typically find me at home; wet hair, no makeup, experimenting with some sort of mask / concoction/ new beauty treatment, and very likely to freak out my husband when he walks in and sees me.  My latest craze has been these eye masks from VII Code. I’ve been trying them out for a couple months now and looove them.  These masks are designed for continuous 8- hour use overnight- so you actually sleep in them!  At first it was a little weird sleeping with eye pads, because I’d never done it before, but you get used to it and can’t even feel them there.  I usually put them on 30-45 minutes before bed, and then sleep in them and remove them and wash my face in the morning! 

The goal of these eye masks is mainly to eliminate dark circles by nourishing the skin under and around your eyes leaving you with a well-rested, refreshed and youthful look.   The masks help eliminate dark circles and puffiness under your eyes, brightens the under eye skin, minimizes fine lines and signs of aging, and hydrates /firms the skin.  Its funny how often women talk about the “bags” under their eyes and we spend so much money on concealers, highlighters, brighteners, etc. etc. just to get that well-rested and wide awake look. Well, if you fall into that category like I did, I highly recommend these eye masks! Let me know what you think of them!



Lipsense: The lipcolor that lasts all day

One question I get asked often is about my lipcolor! I've shared some Instagram posts about this before and I've talked about it on my Instastories, but I thought a blog post would help answer any questions. Lately, I've been using Lipsense which I love. It's very different from other lipsticks/glosses I've used in the past.  My friend, Mandy, sells it and offered to give me one color to try.  She explained to me that it lasts all day, doesn't transfer, doesn't smudge, doesn't flake, and the tube itself lasts 4x longer than another lipcolor of the same size.  So basically, I was like, this is too good to be true!! This was back in November so I decided to give it a try on Thanksgiving.  I applied it in the morning (the color she gave me was Hazelnut, perfect for Thanksgiving), and it did not budge ALL day. I was in shock! Since then, I've bought Plum, Bella, First Love, and Sheer Berry from her because I loved it that much.  

Okay guys, so this stuff is insane. You apply three coats to clean lips (letting each coat dry in between), then apply the gloss and it locks it in all day! All you have to do is just reapply the gloss throughout the day, but the color does not wear at all. You can literally take your finger and swipe it acoss your lips and NO color will come off on your finger. It's insane. 

I will say that there are a couple things I wanted to tell you because they kind of suprised me at first. 1) There is a little bit of a learning curve to it all. The first couple times I tried it, I accidently rubbed my lips together in between coats (because that's what I usually do) which smudged the color.  You have to keep your lips separated until you apply the gloss (and then you can rub your lips together). Also, you can't swipe the wand back and forth over your lips. You have to just apply one coat (from one side to the next) and let it dry.  2) It does take a little longer to apply than normal lipcolor.  I'm used to swiping some lipstick on my lips as I run out the door or as I'm in the car and then I'm good to go.  Lipsense takes a little longer to apply BUT you apply it once, it lasts all day! I'd rather take a little more time in the morning to apply it then taking the time to reapply after every time I drink water, eat food, etc. throughout the day. 

Here is an awesome blog post that I found when I Googled "how to apply lipsense". This really helped me understand how it works and I've been totally sold ever since.  So you should definitely read it if you're thinking about buying it.  

The color I'm wearing in this post is Bella. It's definitely one of my favorites. My other favorite is First Love- which is the perfect everyday color that looks good on so many skin types.  I recommend Googling the colors before you buy so you can see what they really look like. 

  • Direct Message Mandy via Instagram to purchase Lipsense from her <3
  • PS... Isn't a paid post, I wasn't told to say this, and after Many gifted me one color, I bought 4 others on my own because I loved them so much. Couldn't help but share! xo