Cozy Sweaters for Fall


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It’s officially October which means SWEATER WEATHER is upon us!!! If you’re a basic girl like me (don’t be ashamed!) you’re jumping at the chance to cozy up in a fall sweater and light that pumpkin candle, drink apple cider, and watch Hocus Pocus. No shame girl, no shame.  I’ve rounded up my FAV sweaters for fall below including this one I’ve had on repeat. I’m loving these yellow and orange hues for fall, but you’ll find lots of options below. Cheers to cozy cardigans, pumpkin spice chai’s, and apple orchards! Happy shopping! xo


Must-Have Fall Sweaters:

Shopbop Sale Picks!

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Hey friends! Shopbop is having a huge sale right now- basically everything is 20% off and if you spend over $500, it's all 25% off. Perfect for those fall/ winter items that you don't want to pay full price for!! These brands don't get marked down often so if you've been eyeing something, now's your chance! Here's the deets: 

Sale runs through Friday 9/29. 

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Street Style

Photos by the talented Cassidy England

Red is HUGE this fall and so are wide leg pants so naturally I loooved this outfit. This is one of the looks I wore in New York and honestly, these pants were sooo comfortable for running around and crazy busy schedules. I feel like comfortable clothes was the theme for me during that trip... (pajamas, stretchy pants, satin camis.. lol).  Also... ya'll know I'm allll about saving money so I want to tell you guys how I snagged this handbag for a fraction of the price (and yes, it's real! lol). This Gucci Marmont bag is from a site that essentially lets you borrow / rent designer handbags for a week or a month. To be honest, I hate paying full price for anything, especially something that I know I won't be wearing for years and years.  This is why I LOVED the concept of Supursestyle.  It allows you to look chic, stylish, and rock the latest designer trends, without breaking the bank. It's also perfect if you have an upcoming event where you know you want to look your best but you don't want to make an impulse buy that you regret later. They have tons of designers like Chanel, YSL, Celine, Gucci and more! The team at Supursestyle was kind enough to give my readers 15% off with code "STYLISH15" so you can try it out! 



shop the outfit:

New York Fashion Week

Hi friends! I had so much fun in New York for Fashion Week and I'm so excited to share all of my adventures (and outfits) with you guys! I'm very very thankful that I had the opportunity to go to Fashion Week- It's been a dream of mine for so long.  I had a few moments while I was there that I just kind of stopped and looked around like "is this real?!".  I can't wait to go back! 

Okay so Day 1 started with an event at Sam Edelman to launch their new lifestyle collection. I got to meet Sam Edelman and the rest of their amazing team which was so cool. The brand is expanding to offer lounge wear, lingerie, and clothes in addition to the shoes and handbags that they currently offer. Let me tell ya- their new stuff is sooo good. After the event, we went out for pizza (yesss!!) and crashed at the hotel.

Day 2 started with an early morning photoshoot at the Flat Iron building (such a NYC icon). I was wearing this adorable pajama style set from ASOS. It was super comfortable, but also such a statement! I've mentioned a few times that white boots/shoes are going to be H U G E  this fall and I loved rockin this pair from ASOS on the streets of NYC.  After we shooting, we headed to the Bollare showroom to pick up some goodies. The theme was Disco Dreams and they had cute disco balls and fun decor everywhere. They greeted us with ice cream so naturally, I was in love.  Next stop was the Galtiscopio show which was so fun! They started the show with a performance followed by their amazing collection of metallic dresses- I loved all the shimmer! (see a few of my favorite pieces from their collection below!)  Stay tuned for my next recap- I'll be sharing more from my trip and all my outfits!

Photos by the talented Cassidy England

Pics from the Sam Edelman event:

Outfit #1

Outfit #2

What I packed for Fashion Week

Hi friends! I'm posting from my hotel in New York! I'm here for fashion week and wanted to share the items I packed for my trip. Of course, I wayy overpacked per usual, but a girl's gotta have options!  A lot of you have asked where things are from and you should be able to find everything here! Can't wait to share more photos with you soon! I'm going to crash soon because we've got a PACKED day tomorrow!



NYFW Guide (2).jpg

and everything else :)

White after Labor Day


1. White wrap top// 2. White boots// 3. White sweatshirt// 4. Satin camisole// 5. Ruffle blouse// 6. Ivory lace dress// 7. Tassel earrings// 8. White nail polish// 9. White ball cap// 10. Wide leg pants// 11. White handbag// 12. White sneakers// 13. Moto leggings

Ahhhh it's the last day to wear white! Just kidding. The "no white after Labor Day" is a fashion law that I don't abide by.  Whoever said no "white after Labor Day" was seriously disturbed. ;) anyone get my reference, anyone? If not, go watch Legally Blonde. It's a great movie. Anyways, I personally think when worn well, white looks great all year round.  White is a very chic color that can make a bold statement or look soft and cozy or look sleek and sophisticated. This versatile color shouldn't be limited to only part of the year! There are many ways you can incorporate white into your wardrobe and you'll be seeing that white handbags and shoes are very on-trend this fall. If you don't feel like rockin' white pants after Labor Day, maybe try white boots with your blue jeans or an ivory dress with fall accessories.  I've linked a few of my favorite white pieces that you can find me in throughout this whole year and at the very bottom I linked the outfit that I'm wearing today.  Enjoy! And happy Labor Day!




Favorite White Pieces:

Today's look:

Eye Mask Review


How do I look guys?! In all honesty, this is how you can typically find me at home; wet hair, no makeup, experimenting with some sort of mask / concoction/ new beauty treatment, and very likely to freak out my husband when he walks in and sees me.  My latest craze has been these eye masks from VII Code. I’ve been trying them out for a couple months now and looove them.  These masks are designed for continuous 8- hour use overnight- so you actually sleep in them!  At first it was a little weird sleeping with eye pads, because I’d never done it before, but you get used to it and can’t even feel them there.  I usually put them on 30-45 minutes before bed, and then sleep in them and remove them and wash my face in the morning! 

The goal of these eye masks is mainly to eliminate dark circles by nourishing the skin under and around your eyes leaving you with a well-rested, refreshed and youthful look.   The masks help eliminate dark circles and puffiness under your eyes, brightens the under eye skin, minimizes fine lines and signs of aging, and hydrates /firms the skin.  Its funny how often women talk about the “bags” under their eyes and we spend so much money on concealers, highlighters, brighteners, etc. etc. just to get that well-rested and wide awake look. Well, if you fall into that category like I did, I highly recommend these eye masks! Let me know what you think of them!