Airport style, travel essentials, and our Portland trip

Happy Fridayyy!!!! Today, I'm sharing some pics from our trip to Portland and a few of my travel essentials! 

My sister-in-law (Cort's twin), Arlee, moved out to Portland a few months ago and we have been wanting to visit for a while! I hit the jackpot in the sister-in-law category. I feel like you always hear horror stories, but mine are awesome. And I was actually friends with Arlee wayyy before I was friends with/dating Cort.  We decided to go out to visit over Labor Day weekend and we picked the perfect time go to. We were #blessed with amazing weather and we were able to pack so much into our time there.  

I loved all the old houses. We walked around a lot just taking it all in and admiring all of the charming, quaint neighborhoods.  We ate at some really good restaurants and went out to ice cream every night  :))) On Labor Day, we went kayaking and it was soooo gorgeous. When Cort and I kayaked in Chicago, we had a double kayak so I didn't really do any work. This time, Alree and I had our own kayaks (so I actually had to do something if I wanted to move) and it was a workout, let me tell ya! I was so sore the next day! 

Before my trip, I made sure that I had everything I needed. I wanted some good headphones for the plane ride but I didn't want to spend a ton of money. These Edifier headphones cancel out a lot of noise which was so helpful on the plane, and they're cute :) I also really wanted a backpack to bring through the airport because I have learned the hard way that a big purse is not always fun to lug around. I end up with a sore shoulder and a tense neck.  I got a super cute leather backpack from Shop Suey right before my trip and it was a total lifesaver! They have so many cute backpacks and purses.  

You probably saw in the pictures above, but my new suitcase from Away is life changing.  It has a built in charger. Does it get any better than that?! I hate when you have to awkwardly sit by someone else at your gate because you're trying to squeeze next to the charger.  It also has a lock and it's super lightweight. Revolutionary!

I also made sure to rock my sneakers and distressed denim at the airport for a comfortable, but cute, look.   I've linked everything below!!

I hope everyone has an amazing weekend!



Travel Essentials: