My Cozy Haven

The new year always gives me a desire to update my space.  There’s something about a fresh start on the calendar that makes me want to have fresh start in my home.  I love to recharge, re-energize, and refresh my space.

Today I’m sharing my bedroom décor and a few tips for how to style your home on a budget. 


Our duvet cover is from Pottery Barn. I also linked a few very similar less expensive options from Target and Bed Bath & Beyond! Also, Target has a sale right now on bed and bath (Spend $50, save $10 & spend $100, save $25 with code REFRESH).  My fur throw is from Target and a few very similar bedding styles!


This headboard is a dream.  Really, I've wanted a tufted headboard for so long. I always see them in magazines and those pretty homes on HGTV, but I honestly couldn’t afford one.  I looked on Overstock, discount furniture stores, Wayfair, everywhere! But everything was soooo expensive, or just wasn’t my style.  I found this headboard from The Tufted Frog when I was shopping on Etsy one day. I just searched for "upholstered headboard" (I think) and this came up. The first thing that surprised me was the price! It was so much more affordable than other places I’d seen.  So, I took a look and realized they custom make headboards based off of your specifications.  Like what?! I emailed the seller, Hollie, and she was super helpful.  She explained the process, I would pick the shape of the headboard, the fabric, and any detailing that I wanted. She sent over the shapes I could pick from, but I knew I wanted a standard Oxford, rectangle shape.  I showed her a few inspiration Pictures that I had pinned on Pinterest and I told her that I wanted a cool, grey color.  I wasn't sure which fabric to get but she recommended a velvet fabric because it was super soft, but super durable and easy to care for. I trusted her judgement and decided to go with it. I wanted an extra tall headboard for my king sized bed but I had no idea that they could mail something so big. Apparently, you can! I was SO excited when it came in the mail.  Cort was out of town on business that day and I had a girlfriend over. The nice thing about this headboard is that it's super light weight and I was able to hang it with my girlfriend so easily!  It's safe to say that we are obsessed with this new addition to our room. It completely transforms our space and adds so much dimension and character!   I was amazed at how easy the process was and how everything turned out.  It was nice to be able to get exactly what I wanted without the hassle of shopping around and making sacrifices for price.  If you're in the market for headboards, I would definitely recommend The Tufted Frog.  You can get started on your custom headboard through The Tufted Frog's Etsy shop, Facebook page, or website.  Links below!



  • Shutterfly: Ever heard of Shutterfly? Well, it's my best friend when it comes to saving money.  If you sign up for their email subscriptions, you will get coupons GALORE. Both of the large photos in my room were FREE from Shutterfly. Literally, free. I only paid for shipping.  There was a coupon code in one of my emails and I got these pictures maybe a month apart.  The quality is great and they add such happy memories to the room at the cost of like $6 for shipping. Try beating that price! Sign up for their emails and get 50 free prints! I ordered all of our engagement photos from them for free!


  • Goodwill + Spray Paint: Frames can be sooooooooo expensive.  I got these frames from Goodwill (probably like $4 each) and bought 2 small bottles of spray paint from Hobby Lobby to touch them up.  Two money saving tips: on the first Saturday of each month, everything in Goodwill is 50% off (that's when I got these frames) AND Hobby Lobby has a never-ending 40% off coupon code online, so I used that for the spray paint. The frame over my bed was black plastic, and the other frame was RED wood and ugly. I was inspired by some brushed silver frames I found at West Elm for $68. I love West Elm but just couldn't deal with that price so I had to tap into my DIY side.  I've really been into brushed silver lately because it's not so shiny and it's kind of two toned. It looks good when you're mixing metals because it helps your gold and silver decor sort of blend together.  Feel me? So I bought 1 bottle of gold and one bottle of silver spray paint and crossed my fingers. I've never done this before so it was a complete shot in the dark.  I laid the frames out and went over them, one at a time, with a light layer of silver.  I let this dry and did another layer of silver. Then I did a layer of gold. I repeated this process (2 layers silver, one layer gold) a few times until everything was covered. Voila! I think they turned out great!
  • Block Letters: For my wedding, I purchased a few block letters from Hobby Lobby (again, 40% off) and spray painted them gold. I kind of forgot about them until I was decorating and wanted to incorporate some gold into my room.  I don't think I'll keep them up forever, but I think they add a nice touch for now!
  • Frame Greeting Cards: Have you ever gotten a really cute greeting card from someone that is just too cute to throw away? Frame it! I've done this with a few cards and it looks so cute.  Usually greeting cards are 4x6 or 5x8 so it's really easy to find frames for them.  I have a greeting card of a vintage bicycle that I framed in our bathroom along with a few other cute ones.  It looks like art work that was purchased at a cute boutique rather than a $3.99 greeting card from CVS.

I hope you guys enjoyed these money saving hacks! There is so much you can do on your own to save money.  I think it's so important to have a space that relaxes and refreshes you and that's exactly what I sought to do with this space. 

Thanks so much for stopping by today! I linked all of my bedding below!

Much love,