Bloggers You Should Know

So... I know I said I would share some photos from my trip on the blog today but I didn't have time to edit them!! They will be up tomorrow :) promise! Today I want to share a few of my favorite bloggers that I think you should know!! These are girls that I know personally, that I've met at some point, or have just stumbled upon via Instagram. I've linked their blog and Instagram so you can check them out! Hope you love them as much as I do!

Martha and Lyuda

by Martha Eelman and Lyuda Kusel


This blogger-bestie-duo features boho-chic styles and major west coast vibes. They keep things super fun and light and they're not afraid to try new styles. They inspire me to not be afraid to step out and try out a new style. They just moved out to LA and I now live vicariously through their insta.   Can you say #bestiegoals?

The Bee Lake

by Erin Asaad


Erin's Austin-based food journal will literally have you dreaming about your next meal.  Not only does she have a drool-worthy blog with unique recipes, but she just launched a new line of a dairy-free, coconut based yogurt called Kokonut.   Side note, Erin is my cousin and she's the coolest person I've met. No, I'm not biased :)


by Morgan England


Morgan's style is the perfect combination of feminine and edgy.  She empowers women to wear what makes them feel confident and to not be afraid to stand out (that's what I'm talkin about!). Morgan is the ultimate cool girl but she keeps things down to earth which I love. 

Candidly Chan

by Chandler Nehrt


Minimal, edgy, chic.  Chandler just gets it. Not only does Chandler put together perfect outfits, but she writes so well.  If you need a good laugh, read her blog.  She's super witty and fun which makes reading about clothes so much more interesting. Oh, and she's totally gorgeous. 


by Maddie Potter


How many times have I screenshotted Maddie's instagram for style inspo...? Too many to count! This girl has such a cool street style and can totally rock a dark lipstick.  Her makeup and hair are always on point and she has the most precious pup!!  I adore her simple outfits that she pairs with gorgeous shoes and handbags.  Love love love. 


by Heather Graham


#HAIRGOALS. This blonde-bombshell is a total hair wizard and creates perfect looks time after time again.  She also has a feminine and oh-so-put together style that makes me want to get out of bed and look my best every day. She's living the dream in LA and I love following along. 

Public Lives Secret Recipes

by Caitlin Lee


Well, these pictures say it all.  Caitlin's food blog is incredibly girly, creative, and fun. She features new recipes on her website and she even has her own line of treats that you can buy. I've tried the Kris Pops and they are SO GOOD.  She interviews celebrities and people in the public eye and shares their secret recipes on her blog.  And just when you think she can't get any cooler, she goes and meets Lauren Conrad! 

Who are your favorite bloggers?? I'd love to know!

Thanks for stopping by!