Boyfriend Jeans

Fall is officially here! Sweater weather is in full force and it has been chillyyyyy the past couple days! Not complaining though- I live for this weather! Last night I went to At Home to buy some fall decorations and the whole store was already filled with Christmas trees and Christmas decor. I'm slightly embarrassed to say that I got soooo excited for the holidays.  But anyways- back to fall. One of my favorite things that comes with fall is cozying up in a warm sweater. This super soft sweater is from Pink Blush Boutique and it's almost sold out!! I'm wearing the S/M. I love the slouchy fit and off the shoulder look.  

Also, I'm loooving these jeans from Vestique.  I have always been afraid to try the boyfriend jean style.  I thought I would look frumpy or masculine, but I decided to buy a few pairs of boyfriend jeans and I actually love the fit. They're loose and comfortable but still flattering! I love that this style of jeans is mega distressed. It makes for the perfect casual fall outfit. I've linked everything below! Happy shopping!

ps- don't forget tonight's fall beauty bash at the Saks at the Fashion Mall! Hope to see you there!



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