Happy Friday!! So excited for the weekend! Last weekend was so crazy. We went to Chicago for a wedding, which was super fun, but it was just go go go. I swear, May is just always such a crazy month.  It’s gone so fast! Cort and I celebrated our anniversary on Tuesday night and we tried our wedding cake that we had kept in the freezer for a year! I was so scared to try it because, well, it was a year old. But it was actually really good! Kind of scary that it tasted so normal, but whatever, I’m still alive!

About the outfit: I’ve been living in this camo jacket recently. It goes with so much and it’s just nice to throw on when it cools off at night.  I love the edginess of camo but I like mixing it with something feminine like floral prints and blush tones.  I linked everything below but I couldn’t find the tank online :( In other news, I finally got my haircut yesterday for the first time since January! Lol that’s really bad.  I only cut like 1-2 inches but it feels soooooooo short. 

Have an amazing weekend everyone! Thanks so much for stopping by!