Skin Update- Melasma

Skin Update- Melasma

About a month ago, I shared about my melasma on my IG stories and I was shocked by the number of you who DM’d me saying that you also struggle with melasma. It can be so frustrating and difficult to deal with! You aren’t alone!! For the past 3 weeks, I’ve added some new products into my skincare regimen and I thought it would be helpful to write a blog post with my updated skincare routine. I shared about this on my stories the other day and had SO many questions from you all so I just wanted to put all the info in one place so it’s easy to refer to.

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Favorite Drugstore Hair Products (with 2 day shipping!)

Something you all ask me about on the daily is what products I love for my hair. I thought I’d start off by sharing some of my favorite drugstore hair products. These are all products that I’ve repeatedly bought and continue to love. It also helps that they’re super affordable and available for 2 day shipping!


Treatments, Serums, & Masks

Hair Ties

Shampoo & Conditioners

Brush, Microfiber Towel, & Satin Pillowcase

Dry Shampoo & Hair Spray