City Stripes

Photos by the lovely Jade Sharp

Happy Monday! Wait, Tuesday. But it feels like a Monday! I hope everyone had a great 4th of July weekend! The weather this weekend in Indy was sooo weird which made it not feel like 4th of July at all! But it was still fun. We had plans of being by the pool allll day Sunday and Monday, but it rained :( We ended up watching movies and having the laziest day on Sunday. We watched 13 Hours. WOW. Incredible movie that makes you very thankful for the lives sacrificed to protect our country.  Last night we went to a baseball game with fireworks after. We thought it was going to get rained out but it actually held off! Anyways, I'm trying to get back into working out (I feel like I've said that 10 times on this blog.. oops). But last week I worked out 6 times and it felt amazing!! I haven't done that in the longest time so I was very proud of myself. Let's hope this becomes a habit and not a one week thing.  I went to a couple cycling classes at the gym (which I love) and I'm still feeling the burn lol.  Now to the outfit, so I bout these shoes in three different colors haha. I couldn't decide and they were on sale so I just bought them all.. oops.  This dress from ROOLEE is so incredibly comfortable and I love the stripes and longer length. It's so simple and I already feel like it has become a wardrobe staple.  

I hope everyone has an amazing day! Thanks so much for stopping by! OH- I'm doing a giveaway this week so stay tuned!!