Current Makeup Routine + Favorite Products

Hey friends!!! So I've had a tonnn of questions about what makeup I use so I wanted to do a blog post where I walk you through my current makeup routine and the products I've been using.  Also- I wanted to get this up before the holidays because makeup makes great Christmas presents/stocking stuffers! Let me know if you have any questions!

  1. UFO Sunday Riley: This is the first product I use right after washing my face. It's an Ultra Clarifying Oil (UFO) that is seriously amazing. It's quite the splurge (I've neverrrr spent this much on one makeup item before) but it's totally worth it! It's really good for your skin. It might seem weird to apply oil to your skin, especially if you already have oily skin like me, but it's actually quick-absorbing and doesn't make your skin more oily. It helps treat and prevent acne and clears pores. It has salicylic acid which treats your skin throughout the day. I  promise it doesn't make your skin greasy or oily. After using this, I will usually moisturize before I start my makeup routine.
  2. Laura Mercier Primer: My top priorities with primers are that they help my makeup stay put throughout the day and create a smooth canvas for my foundation. This primer does both! I've tried lots of primers and I really really like this one because it's lightweight and really helps the foundation absorb nicely.
  3. Nars Foundation: This foundation is amazingggg. It's full coverage and stays on all day.  I apply mine with a damp beauty blender.  I actually use a real beauty blender because I've heard the cheaper dupes absorb a lot of your makeup as you apply it.  This foundation lasts forever. I had my last bottle from May to October (applying it every day to my full face). 
  4. Bare Minerals Powder Foundation- Since my liquid is full coverage, I don't always use my Bare Minerals powder.  Usually I'll just brush a little over my T-zone for a little more coverage. If I want less coverage, for going to the gym or grocery store, I'll usually just use a little Bare Minerals as my foundation and nothing else. 
  5. Laura Mercier Setting Powder: This is GOLD. To lock my foundation in place, I use this setting powder and it's sooo good. It doesn't make your face look chalky because it's translucent. It absorbs any oils and sets your makeup so it doesn't budge.  
  6. Bobbi Brown Bronzer: I have very fair skin so I definitely need my bronzer.  I apply this bronzer to my cheekbones, nose, forehead and jawline. 
  7. Bobbi Brown Brightening Powder: This is more of a shimmer bronzer that I apply to my cheeks/cheekbones after applying my bronzer. It just gives a nice warm glow without being too sparkly. Just a touch of shimmer. 
  8. Bobbi Brown Brightening Brick: I apply this to the apples of my cheeks as blush, It has  a little shimmer in it which I like and a nice peachy pink color.
  9. Lorac Primer + Eyeshadow: I use this primer and eyeshadow every day. The primer is a MUST. It really helps the eyeshadow stay in place and brings out the colors more. There are lots of great colors in this pallet to create a smoky eye or a more natural look. 
  10. Kat Von D Eyeliner: Okay, this eyeliner is the BEST eyeliner I've ever found.  For a while I was using drugstore liquid eyeliner and I had to get a new one every 2-3 weeks because it would dry out. I just didn't want to pay for a more expensive eyeliner but I didn't realize how much money I was actually wasting by doing this! This eyeliner is only $20ish and I've had it since MAY. I use it every day and it's still going strong.  It makes the perfect cat-eye and is way more cost effective than a cheap eyeliner that will dry up in a couple weeks. 
  11. Eyelash Primer: This primer from Clinique makes your eyelashes thicker and stronger. Great base for the mascara. 
  12. Falsies Mascara: I've tried tons of mascara but I keep going back to my Falsies by Maybelline.  It makes your eyelashes super thick and long (like fake eyelashes, hence the name).  Until I find a better mascara, I'm sticking with my tried and true Falsies!  *** EDIT! Recently, I've been using Better than Sex Mascara and I LOVE it. I still love Falsies, but this one has been my go-to lately. Also, I've been using NeuLash for the past 5 months and it has made my lashes SO LONG!!!
  13. Brow Drama: Okay this is like mascara for your eyebrows. I loveee it. It's perfect for someone who isn't great at penciling in eyebrows (like me). I was going with the pencil route for a while but no, too difficult. This so much easier and has great color, but also helps shape your eyebrows. I love it, and Gigi Hadid promotes it so, I mean, can't resist. 
  14. Lip Color: Lately, I've been using Lipsense lip color and I love it. It lasts all day, like literally all day. I'm going to do a full blog post on it, but I got mine through Mandy. DM her to order. 

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