Donut Dreamworld

Sorry in advance for the drooling and urges to stuff your face with donuts that are about to ensue...

The donut craze has hit me hard and my quest for the perfect donut has been successful.  Four words. General American Donut Company.  If you live in Indy, stop what you're doing right now and go to GADCO to get yourself the best donut you've ever had. Seriously, stop reading this and go. If you're still reading, you're wrong. When I moved to Indy, I had a handful of people tell me that I needed to go check this place out.  So I went for the first time with my friend a few weeks ago before work, like 7 am, and bought myself a salted caramel donut that was made fresh just minutes before. I took a bite and literally melted and then died and then came back to life because it was THAT GOOD.  Not exaggerating here people.  One of the workers nonchalantly told me that they come in at 2 AM to start making the donuts fresh every day.  TWO AM, no biggie.  That's the kind of work that goes into a perfect donut. They have flavors like creme brulee, blueberry cake, cinnamon & sugar, french toast with maple syrup, coffee and cream.. need I say more?  Okay, I'm finished. But they are just too good that I had to share with you all. 

Happy hump daaaayyy people!



Ps.. I think you're drooling a little bit ;)