Eight Eyes

Hi friends!!!!

So I'm super excited about today's post for a few reasons.

  1.  I haven't done a blog post in a whileeeeee (so sorry)
  2.  The husband is making a special appearance, always fun
  3.  We are featuring our new glasses from Coastal that we are obsessed with!!!

So for starters, Cort and I are both blind. No really. Without glasses or contacts we would be considered legally blind (cue Legally Blonde joke).  So basically our future kids don't stand a chance at having good vision lol.  Anyways, to make our eyesight issues a little more bearable, we like to switch up the glasses.  Cort had mentioned to me a few times that he was ready for a new pair.  Since I had such a great experience with my last pair of glasses from Coastal, I knew that's where we should look again. The thing I love most about Coastal.com, is that you can easily shop everything online.  They recently redesigned their website and it now features a tool called “MyFit” which helps you to find glasses that will properly fit your face, based on the measurements of your current frames. It's super easy, you just plug in your measurements and the website will take away frames that wouldn't fit you properly (you know, might look too massive on your face, or might make your eyes look really far apart, etc.). It's a great feature and it makes online shopping for glasses so much easier!

I opted for a pair that was a little more classic, since my last pair was more funky.  Cort wanted a pair that was a little more trendy than his last pair, but still something he could wear to work and look professional. 

We were so happy with how they turned out and love adding to our glasses collection. Thanks to our friends at Coastal.com. You guys are the best!


Kathleen Post