Electric Shades.... everything you need to know and why I'm obsessed


For my fourth post of Home Decor Week, I’m sharing one of my favorite features in our home (which may surprise you) - our blinds! As our house was being built, we had a design meeting where we picked out various items such as our countertops, cabinets, floors, etc. After our meeting we were driving home and I asked Cort, “Wait! What about our blinds?!?”. I completely thought that blinds came standard with a new home and I had no idea that this was something we would do on our own. I had only ever lived in my parent’s house and apartments before this, so I didn’t realize that selecting blinds for your home was even a thing! Our last apartment in LA had electric shades for the windows and we absolutely loved them so Cort and I decided that this was a MUST for our new house.

I posted a few videos on my Instastories when our blinds were being installed and I had so many DM’s from some of you fellow new homeowners asking about the process, so I wanted to share our experience here. We had a few people recommend Window Valet to us, so we had them over for a consultation about a month before we closed on our house and we absolutely loved the selection that they had available. They offer shades, shutters, blinds, and window treatments and they have a ton of designs to choose from. We decided to go with electric roller shades on all of our windows and we were able to look through hundreds of fabric samples before making our decision. We decided to go with a white, textured, semi sheer shade throughout most of our house and we love the finished product.

Here’s a few reasons why I’m obsessed with our shades:

  • We have a ton of windows in our house so I love that we don’t have to manually raise and lower them. We have a remote on each floor that allows us to raise and lower them all at once, or individually, or just raise them halfway.

  • When the shades are completely up, they are rolled behind a white box that blends in with our trim. They’re completely hidden and out of sight and this box doesn’t look bulky at all.

  • We have some vaulted windows that are high and impossible to reach, but our electric shades allow us to raise and lower the shades without even moving up from the couch.

  • We have a few rooms in our house that get a TON of light. Our shades allow us to block out the glare while still keeping our house bright. When the shades are down, it doesn’t feel like a dark dungeon. We can still have a bright house, without having a glare on the tv or the sun shining directly in our eyes. Each window is numbered, so if you just want to lower one shade that may be causing a glare, you can select the numbered window directly from the remote without needing to lower them all.

  • Whenever I wake up in the morning and open our blinds, I feel like we have a smarthouse!!!

For our bedroom, we actually have two shades layered. One is a blackout shade which we lower while we are sleeping, and the other shade is more sheer so we can have light shine in our room during the day, while still having privacy. We opted for a grey, textured, semi sheer shade layered with a grey opaque blackout shade.

We have a window in our bathroom which I love because it lets in a ton of natural light, but we definitely needed a shade here for privacy. I love that when the shade is lowered, I still get great natural light when I’m doing my makeup!

Lastly, in our guest bedroom and my office we opted for semi sheer zebra shades. These are amazing because similar to shutters, you can adjust the amount of light that comes in through the “panels”. You can see various levels of light in the 3 images above.

Well, if you can’t tell after this post… I’m OBSESSED with our blinds. I hope this post is helpful if you’re also in the process of selecting blinds for a new/old home. We were so clueless with where to start and what to look for, but we are so beyond happy that we made the investment in electric shades. Also, if you’re local, I highly recommend Window Valet. Their team was super helpful, professional, and very patient with us as we made our decision (we are very indecisive!). Thanks so much for reading!