I love this dress so much.  I tend to wear black, white, and grey a lot and my husband is always telling me he loves when I wear color.  I'm like, black is a color?! But when I do wear bright colors, blue is my favorite.  I love the ombre design and the transition into such a dramatic color.

Speaking of transition, I can't believe summer is already (almost) over!!!!??? It's been the best summer of my life; graduating college, getting married, moving into our fun apartment, starting my first full-time job, and adventuring and exploring in this new stage of our lives. This summer has had so many life changes and transitions in a short amount of time which has been crazy/exciting/hectic/overwhelming/wonderful all at the same time.   I'm sad to say bye to this summer, but I'm so excited for another transition into a new season with so many exciting things to look forward to. 


PS: My dress and necklace are from from Hope's, a super cute online boutique.  Use code LAURENB10 in September for 10% off their merchandise!

Photo Credit: Lisa Cahill



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