Frivolous Fringe

Photos by Jade Sharp

Let's talk bargain shopping...

I snagged this dark red, frivolous, fringe-y cardigan during an after Christmas sale from H&M. It was only $10!!! What?! I wanted to buy it in all three colors (black, white, and red), but I refrained. It’s a very fun piece to have in your closet… and like I’ve said a thousand times, I’m super into textures this season.  The nice thing about having such a bold cardigan, is that everything else I paired with it was so simple.  Basic black turtleneck, black skinnies, black boots, and a black fedora (that I’m kind of obsessed with). I opted for lighter, beige accessories to contrast all of the black (GIVING AWAY THESE SUNNIES ON MY INSTA).  This was a really easy look to throw together, but I loved the rocker-girl vibe I felt while wearing it.  What’s even better is how inexpensive everything I’m wearing was…

Like I said, my cardigan was from H&M for $10. My black skinnies were from H&M for less than $20. Turtle neck, TJ Maxx, less than $15. Hat, $8 on major sale, Forever 21.  Boots, Kohls, less than $25. MAJOR STEALS ALL AROUND.  I’ve been wearing these boots almost every day since I bought them.  I literally googled “black ankle boots” and they were the first pair that popped up and I want to say they were $22?! I’ve linked everything below (or similar).  Look for less, ‘yall!

Happy weekend!



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