Fuzzy Cardi

Happy Sunday!! I don't usually do blog posts on Sundays, but I'm just chillin here watching Keeping Up with the Kardashians and being lazy before I work out, so I figured I might as well post something and prolong my workout even further.  I hope everyone had a great Halloween weekend! So I didn't end up dressing up this year.... This is probably the first Halloween in, well, my life that I didn't dress up. It was kind of weird not wearing a costume, but we just ended up going to a bar to watch the Cubs game with friends and none of us wore costumes. Lots of other people were dressed up though. We saw multiple Trumps and Hilarys lol.   Anyways, guys this is the fuzziest, softest cardigan ever. It's definitely a must have for fall.   I've been loving Akira's new arrivals and had to have this one.  I paired mine with a pink lace cami, a leather choker, and OTK boots.  I'll link everything below.  PS: use code LemonBlonde15 for 15% off this choker. Ugh okay, time to go work out. Have a great start to the week everyone!