Gingham for Spring!

Photos by the talented Stacy Able Photography

I think this may be the first gingham article of clothing I've ever owned- and I must say, I'm a huge fan! Gingham is going to be big this spring and this blouse from Pulse Fashion also features of my favorite spring trends- ruffles! Pulse Fashion has a ton of cute new arrivals for spring- I also love this blouse which I'll be styling on the blog later this week!

Linking this outfit below and also sharing a little life update! 

Soo It's been a while since I've updated you on my life! I've tried to keep everything up to date on Insta but I wanted to go a little more in-depth here! So most of you probably saw (from this pic) that I'm moving to LA!  My husband, Cort, got a great offer from his current company to be relocated to LA and take on a new role.  It was an amazing opportunity that we couldn't pass up. We LOVE Los Angeles. My husband was actually born in California and when we started dating in college, I visited with him a few times and fell in love.  We had always talked about how cool it would be to move out there, so we are thrilled. We are moving on March 24th (less than two weeks!!!) and it's coming so fast.  We are going to live with Cort's grandmother who has a great house near the beach (woo!) until we find a place and get everything figured out. We're shipping all of our stuff out there a week from today so we've been crazy busy decluttering and getting rid of things- which feels great! It's so crazy how quickly things are moving but we can't wait. 

 I'm definitely planning to continue blogging while I'm out in LA so I'm super excited to bring you all along on this adventure!  Thank you for all the support- you guys rock!



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