Exercise Essentials

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After my wedding and since I started working full time, I have been SO bad about exercising! It’s been so hard to make time for it. I’m not trying to make excuses at all, because I know there are people far busier than me who make the time for it… but I’m just being honest!! Anyways, there is nothing that motivates me to get my butt to the gym more than new workout clothes! Does anyone else agree? I’m sorry, but I love fresh, new workout gear.  It gives me an extra boost of confidence at the gym or out running on the streets. Look good, feel good, exercise good, right?  Literally, the second I got these pants in the mail, I put them on and went for an invigorating, fall run outside.  They are soo comfortable, and I love the pink stripes on the back of my calves. They make me feel so speedy haha.. 

I've teamed up with Holabird Sports to show you my favorite athletic looks right now.  They offer a great selection of top brands at amazing prices.  

If you’re anything like me and get extra motivated to workout with new active wear, then here are you exercise essentials! And let’s be real, we all love wearing active wear even on days we don’t make it to the gym… C’mon we all know the look.. yoga pants, dry fit shirt, and Nike Frees for grocery shopping! :)

1. Lighweight quarterzip pullover: This is a perfect transitional piece for running outside on those cooler days when it’s too cold to wear a tank. It’s also great for wearing to the gym when it’s cold out. I always like to wear something over my tank when I'm warming up that I can take off later in my workout.

2. Bright running shoes: These Under Armour shoes are so fun.  They are a neutral shoe-which is what I wear- and they’re super comfy.  I love love love bright running shoes because I think they look so cool contrasted with black tights. 

3. Leggings: Quality leggings or running tights are so important! Don’t be that girl at the gym in see through, or ripped poor quality leggings.  I definitely think a good pair is worth the money.  Quick tip: when you’re shopping, try yours on and do some imaginary squats in the dressing room to make sure they actually aren’t see through ;) I love this pair because they are black, but they have a contrasting pop of color on the calves! So cool. 

4. Water bottle: Can you tell I love pink?! This CamelBak is from an Etsy shop that personalizes water bottles. Mine says, “Drink Up!” I mean how cute is that?

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Thank you Holabird Sports for collaborating on this post.