House Plants

Let's talk P L A N T S!  Whenever I share photos or videos in my house, I receive lots of questions about my plants. Today I'll be breaking down allll the deets about my plants and where you can find them / find similar styles!


This is one of the very few real plants in my house and it is surprisingly still alive! I don't exactly have the greenest thumb, but this one has been fairly easy to care for.  It's a Fiddle Leaf Fig and it requires indirect sunlight and watering once every 1-2 weeks. I ordered it online (linked below) and it's tripled in size since I got it last summer!


This exact plant is from At Home and unfortunately, you can only purchase it in stores.  I linked a similar plant and basket below if you don't live near an At Home or if they don't carry this plant at your local store. 


I get so many questions about this plant and planter (probably because I post a lot of photos in this room). This exact plant is from At Home, but I linked some very similar ones below. This planter is one of my favorites and pretty affordable as well! I actually have two of them, one large size and one medium size. This one is a large!


Unfortunately, this exact plant is sold out so I linked some similar styles below!


I love this faux cacti! It looks so real and it's the perfect size for a desk or dresser. I also got this little terrarium and filled it with some rocks, fake moss, and fake succulents. I love the way it turned out and I think they look pretty real :)


This faux cactus / planter is also from At Home and I linked it below. I linked some similar styles and a planter similar to this one!

This little cacti is real and I surprisingly haven't killed it off yet! I got it at a farmers market in Milwaukee but I found a couple that you can order online. It's super easy to care for- I just place it near a window so it'll get lots of sun and I water it a couple times a month with a tiny bit of water.  I also linked a faux cactus if you aren't ready to take the risk on a real one. I actually used to have this faux cactus in this pink planter until I swapped it out for a real one.  I absolutely love this little planter and the faux cactus fits in it as well! I linked this exact planter and some similar styles below!


This Fiddle Leaf Fig is probably my favorite plant in our house! It's fake, unlike my other Fiddle Leaf Fig, but the leaves look so real! The quality is amazing. It comes in a terra cotta pot, but I placed it in this wicker basket and I love the way it looks. I linked another faux Fiddle Leaf Fig below that also has great quality leaves and looks so real!


This exact plant is from At Home- I linked it below and some other almost identical styles that you can order online! This exact planter is sold out but I found some very similar ones!


This little setup is from all over the place.  The only exact match that I could find was the faux snake plant. I bought two, stuck them in some foam, and filled the planter with fake dirt. The other two plants are older from Hobby Lobby and HomeGoods (I think) so I linked some similar plants and planters so you can recreate this look!


I thought these wall planters were so cute! I filled them with some fake succulents, moss, and white rocks and love how it looks!


Once again, this actual plant is sold out but I linked similar styles below. This is the same planter that I mentioned earlier, but this is the medium size!

Hope this was helpful yall! Thanks for stopping by!