Indy 500 Outfit Ideas

It’s MAY in Indy which means the Indy 500 is right around the corner. The other day, I asked what you all were shopping for and I had an overwhelming number of responses surrounding Indy 500 outfits! I’ll be attending this year and am also on the hunt for a good outfit! I’m rounding up lots of ideas in this post to get you race ready.

A few things to note-

There are many routes you can go with the Indy 500. Your outfit to the Snake Pit is going to look very different than your outfit in a suite ;) I’ve tried to include a variety here, but I understand race day looks a little different for everyone.

The Indy 500 is typically H O T. Last year was the hottest race in history, so be sure to dress accordingly

You’ll usually you’ll do a lot of walking so be sure to wear comfy shoes. I recommend closed toed for sure! I wore sandals one year and I learned my lesson.

That said, start your engines! You can click directly on the image in the collage to shop and I’ve added additional ideas below!