The Perfect Highlighter

About a month ago, I posted a highlight and contour video on my blog.  I’m very new to the game, but I’ve learned that the strategic placement of bronzer, blush, and a highlighter on your face makes a huge difference! It really shapes your face and can make your cheekbones pop! Anyways, since this time, I’ve been much more aware of how I’m doing my makeup. I've started following more makeup accounts on Instagram and even watching tutorials every now and then.  When Kismet reached out to me about reviewing their new collection of illuminators that they recently launched, I was so excited.  I’ve been in the market for a new one and I've tried a few highlighters here and there so I was anxious to give this a try.

The Lovely Collection

This highlighter is so different than other one’s I’ve tried because it’s a cream! I love how easily it blends into your skin without being sticky or cakey and adds just the right amount of shimmer without being to sparkly. It’s super lightweight and as an added bonus,  the Lovely Collection contains natural ingredients that will promote healthy skin, including sesame oil, a non-fragrant plant oil that naturally moisturizes skin, safflower seed oil, which repairs the skin’s barrier, and jojoba oil, which further enhances the skin barrier and stimulates collagen.  Kismet’s Lovely Collection has three shades Rosy, Goldie, and Toasty. I opted for Rosy, because I loved the subtle blush tint and with it being the dead of winter, I’m a little on the pale side. I think I will try Goldie in the summer. I apply the highlighter to my cheekbones, center of my forehead, and the nose and chin.  Sometimes I'll use it underneath my eyebrows to give my eye shadow a pop. Anyways, it’s been so fun experimenting this new product and I would definitely recommend it!