Leather x Pleats

One of my favorite looks is mixing feminine, delicate pieces with slightly edgier pieces.  I love the soft color and texture of my top contrasted with the bold leather skirt and chunky heels. This is a fun outfit I would wear to go out for drinks with the girls or for a girlfriend's birthday dinner <3 I've linked my bag and heels below. 

Side note on the bag: if anyone is in the market for a new handbag, this is my absolute favorite.  It's the perfect size.  Not too big that I pack my whole life up in it, but big enough for the essentials and a little more.  And it stands up straight when you set it on the ground. I love structured bags that don't flop over. It's great quality and reasonably priced for a leather bag.  I've already had two coworkers purchase the same one and they love it!

The shoes: okay I'm obsessed with these shoes! My sister-in-law got them for me to model in her fashion show this past spring.  I absolutely love them.  They're from Forever 21, but actually great quality and suuuuper comfortable.  I don't wear heels very often but the chunky heel and supportive design make them very functional.  I definitely recommend them!

My top is from TJ Maxx and my skirt is from Urban Outfitters but I found some similar ones!

Links below!