Lemon Blonde

The number one question I get asked ALL the time is if I color my hair.

Today I’m sharing my tips and tricks for how I keep my hair light all year round.

I’ve never colored, highlighted, or bleached my hair… Except those days in middle school when I would use blue highlighters and color streaks in my hair.. chic. I was inspired by Aqua Marine, can you blame a 14 year old? Aqua Marine had the coolest hair. 

Anyways. I’ve never ACTUALLY colored my hair. No box dyes, professional highlights, or anything like that...  BUT. I do use Sun-In. Ever heard of Sun-In? It’s a “natural” (and I use that word very loosely) hair lightener.  It’s the same concept as putting lemon juice in your hair (which I have tried) but it’s more powerful and just more convenient, in my opinion. 

You can buy a bottle for like $3.50 at CVS, Kroger, and Walgreens.. etc.

Basically lemon juice and Sun-In are very acidic/ citrusy and when you put them in your hair combined with the heat of the sun (or a blow dryer), it opens up the cuticle of your hair and the pigment is lifted out. So it’s basically striping the color from your hair… sounds really weird.

So when I go to the beach/pool, I’ll dampen my hair a little bit, spray the Sun-In on (I usually focus on my roots), and let the sun do its work. Sometimes in the winter, when I don’t have access to a balmy beach, I’ll spray it in when I get out of the shower and blow it dry for a few minutes.  The heat from the blow dryer will do the trick.

I also use John Frieda Sheer Blonde shampoo and conditioner. I think this helps prevent my hair from looking dull or brassy and helps it stay bright throughout the year. John Frieda makes a hair lightening spray similar to Sun-In, but I don't think it works as well (and it's more expensive for a smaller bottle). Just my opinion!

So then I get asked this question, “But wait, doesn’t Sun-In like fry your hair??”  Okay, so it’s probably not the best thing for my hair… but in my opinion, it’s better than bleaching it! I’ve been doing this since I was 13, multiple times a year and I still have a FULL head of hair and I would consider my hair decently healthy! I try to take good care of my hair in lots of other ways to compensate for this.  I love the look of bright blonde hair so it’s either bleaching my hair or using Sun-In to achieve this look. I pick the lesser of the two evils. --But consult a professional first because I’m no expert.

Also, I want to add that I’m NATURALLY very blonde to begin with. I didn’t start off with dark hair here. My whole life I’ve had very blonde hair and I use Sun-In as a way to keep my hair bright and lighten it when it starts looking darker. 

With that being said… I don’t recommend this for brunettes or dark blondes…. I had a brunette friend use Sun-In on her hair and it turned it orange! But, I also had another brunette friend use it on her ends and she got an amazing Ombre look. The sun in turned her ends into a caramel-y color. It was gorgeous.  But she tested it out on some under-layers to make sure the color was okay. Also, her hair had never been dyed which I think makes a difference.  The back of the Sun-In bottle recommends that people with dyed hair or dark hair don’t use the spray.

Anyways… I’m definitely not suggesting a product in this post or telling you what to do with your hair because I DON’T want to be the one to blame if your Sun-In experience is not so successful. I just say all of this to answer my most asked questions and shed some light (ha ha see what I did there…?) on how I “naturally” lighten my hair!

Have any of you ever used Sun-In or lemon juice? What are your thoughts? Thanks for reading!