Lemon Blonde Turns One!!!!

Today marks one year since I clicked "publish" and launched Lemon Blonde.  It's been such a fun year of blogging and I'm SO thankful for all of you who have followed me along the way.  I absolutely love blogging and I'm so happy that I found this outlet to express myself.  Today I'm going to share a little bit about my journey and tips for starting a blog.  Over the past year I've gotten a lot of questions about blogging and while I still have so much to learn, I thought today would be a great day to share some answers. 

Outfit details: I Instagrammed a picture of this top when I was in Chicago and got a lot of questions so I wanted to do a blog post with it! You all know I love off the shoulder tops and this one was perfect for a date night in the city.  It's from Magnolia Boutique and it's selling fast! 

Why did you start a blog?

A little over a year ago I had just graduated college and started my first "big-girl" job.  I realized that it was very easy to leave work feeling drained and uninspired.  For a long time (like since 6th grade), I've had this vision to start my own company related to fashion, styling, hair/beauty, etc. I didn't know what that looked like or what it would be, but I just wanted to do SOMETHING related to that.  I felt like I needed a creative outlet, something to get inspired and excited about. I was really into Instagram at the time and I noticed I would get a lot of questions in the comments of my pictures asking where I got my clothes, or how I curl my hair, or what lipstick I was wearing, etc.  I think these things over time planted the idea in my head to start a blog. I would occasionally bring it up to my husband and he just encouraged me to go for it.  Of course, all of the fears rushed into my head... What if people think I'm stupid for doing this? Will people even want to read what I have to say? How will I logistically make it happen? What if I don't have time for it?  What if I embarrass myself? The list goes on and on.  Of course all of those are possibilities, but I just felt so excited about the idea of starting a blog that I was able to push past those things- Who cares if people think this is stupid! If I enjoy it, that's all that matters.  

How did you get started?

I put a lot of time into my blog before I clicked publish.  I wanted to find a platform that was user friendly and had some great layouts to work with and build on.  I did  a TON of research and eventually landed on Squarespace and I love it!  I spent a lot of time figuring out how I wanted my blog to function and what I wanted it to look and feel like. I also wanted to make sure that when people came to my site for the first time, there was some content.  I worked on about six posts; two recipes, two outfit posts, a hair tutorial, and a yoga post.  I didn't want people to come to my site and not see anything except for a note that says "coming soon!" 

Who takes your pictures? 

My husband, Cort, takes my photos. Bear with us as we are slowly but surely learning about photography! occasionally, I'll have someone else take my photos and I'll always give them photo credit on the blog post. No photo credit means the hubs snapped the pics. If I'm not in the photos (home decor, etc.) that usually means I took them.  

What camera do you use?

We use a Canon Rebel Ti6 with a 50mm 1.4f fixed lens. I also use my iPhone6sPlus for a lot of my Instagram photos. 

How do you edit your photos?

I use VSCO presets in Lightroom to edit my photos on my computer. On my phone, I use VSCO and Aviary.

Is your blog time consuming?

YES! But I love it!!! It's totally worth the time that I put into it.  I work full time so it can make blogging pretty tricky, but it's so fun.  I usually try to shoot a couple outfits over the weekend so I'll have some posts to publish for the week.  Sometimes if we're about to go out for dinner or something, we will just bring our camera and snap a few pics outside our apartment before we leave.  There have definitely been times this year where things have gotten busy (or the weather has been bad) and I haven't been able to take pics and post as frequently, but I appreciate you all still following along! I'm working on planning ahead so i will have more consistent content! It's a work in progress ;)

Again, I just want to thank you all so much for all of the encouragement, questions, comments, clicks, likes, kind words, and LOVE that you've given me in the past year. I wouldn't have a blog without all of YOU who follow along. As always, please let me know what you'd like to see more of. If you have any questions or ideas for a post, please shoot me a message

YOU GUYS ROCK!!!! Can't wait for another year of blogging!



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