Levi's Water<less Collection


Hi friends! Did you know that World Water Day is this week (Friday the 22nd to be exact)? Well, I didn't either until I was chatting with one of my all time favorite brands, Levi's. I've loved this brand for many reasons (amazing fit, stellar quality, flattering styles... I could go on) but one thing that really impresses me about Levi's is their continued dedication to responsible production and design. My whole outfit is from Levi's Water<less collection that uses up to 96% less water in the finishing process. They've already saved over 172 million liters of water so far using their Water<less finishing. I'm wearing the Perfect V-Neck Tee and Wedgie Fit jeans in Desert Delta and I absolutely love the high rise and tapered legs and both of these pieces are from the Water<less collection. You can do your part to save water by only washing your jeans when needed! Don't worry, it's totally a myth that you need to wash your jeans after every wear.  Levi's recommends just hanging them out in the sun which will do the trick if they aren't super dirty! It may seem like a small change, but it can definitely have an impact! Thanks so much for checking out this post and supporting the brands I love. I've linked my outfit below!

Thank you to Levi's for sponsoring this post