Life Update- We bought a house!

Hi friends! The past couple months have been an insane, exciting, whirlwind and I wanted to fill you guys in on what's been going on in my life! For those of you who are new here, my husband and I recently moved back to Indianapolis from LA. We are from Indianapolis but we had moved out to Los Angeles for my husband's job. He's in banking and moved for an internal opportunity within his company.  Well, his old office here in Indianapolis had a position open up and they called him out of the blue one day and offered to move him back for that role. We always knew we wanted to move back here at some point and it was never our intention to stay in LA forever, so we were excited about this opportunity. It was a good move for Cort's career and it just aligned more with some of our goals in life. Long story short, he accepted the offer and two and a half weeks later we were on a plane with 4 large suitcases back to Indianapolis.  

After renting for 2 and a half years together, we decided we wanted to buy a home during this next chapter.  We moved back home right before Christmas (December 22 to be exact) and pretty much started looking for houses right away.  Los Angeles is obviously insanely expensive and even a dump of a house sells for north of a million, so house hunting in this market was very refreshing.  I'm so thankful that Cort's parents are real estate agents because I honestly don't know what we would have done without them. Shout out to Post Realty Service!! But seriously, they were so organized, they new all the right questions to ask, they were so good negotiating, and they brought up so many things that I would have never even thought about. They took us around to so many properties and we spent probably 4 full days looking.  Ironically, the very first house we saw is the one we ended up buying!  We had stopped by this model home on the very first day that we moved back and we absolutely loved it, but didn't think much of it because it was the first house we saw. Like I said, we spent about 4 more days looking at other listings but in our heads, we just kept going back to this one.  

We walked through the model home like 5 times and just kept picturing ourselves there.  Cort looked at me and said, "Should we do it?" and I said, "YUP!".  We put in our offer and they accepted that day. The timing was perfect because they had already started on a new home exactly like the model that we loved, and it happened to be available in February-March. 

Because we bought the home as they were building it, we were able to get an appointment at the design center and pick out all of the finishes.  It was SO fun and overwhelming to customize everything. Neither of us had done this before (obviously), so it was so hard to picture how everything would look together, but I'm so excited to see how it turns out! We picked out everything from the floors, to the cabinets, countertops, carpet, fireplace, sinks, etc. etc... Talk about #adulting!

They're finishing everything up right now and hopefully we can move in next month. We're currently staying at Cort's parents house and everything we own is still in storage in LA until we can move into our house! People keep asking me how I feel to be back in Indianapolis and if I miss LA...

Of course LA was amazing. We had so much fun, the weather was incredible, we made some amazing friends, and made countless amazing memories. I'm so very thankful for our time there but I'm also truly so happy to be back home.  I love the pace of life here and how simple everything is. I missed so many of my friends here and it's so good to be closer to family. Now that we're back in Indianapolis, I'm able to focus on my blog full-time (which has been my DREAM).  I was working full-time in LA at a big, corporate company and also blogging (pretty much) full-time. It was a lot of work and really started to wear me down. Cort is so much happier at his new job and it feels so right to be back here. Who know's what the future holds and I don't know that we will live here forever, but it is definitely exactly where I want to be right now and I'm so excited for this chapter of life.

Thank you so much for following along throughout this journey! Whether you've been here from day 1, or if this your 1st day following along, I'm so happy and thankful that you're here!

I'm ready for 2018 to be the best year yet!

Love yall!



PS- I'll be saving home updates to my highlight tab on Instagram so you can follow along throughout the journey!