Lightweight Jackets under $100 (A Spring Essential!)

Spring is officially here (crowd goes wild)! I woke up yesterday and the sun was literally bursting through my curtains! It was the first day of spring and I was soooo excited.  I put on a cute dress for church and then checked the weather on my phone. Oh wait... it's still cold. 

If you live in the midwest, you know this struggle.  March and April can be so deceiving!  One day it's 75 and the next its 40 and rainy! I don't know about you, but my winter coat is the LAST thing I want to pull back out when it's sunny but my phone reads 45 degrees. 

Here are some adorable lightweight spring jackets to help you fight these not-so-warm spring days and the April showers that are about to hit us. Don't let the colder days cramp your cute spring style.