Macs Galore

What is it about macarons? Maybe it's the light, fluffy texture, or the sweet creamy filling, or maybe it's the fancy French feels you get when you eat one.  I've tried making macarons a few times and they're pretty tricky, so I appreciate a good macaroon when I try one.  Since moving to downtown Indy, I've been looking for the best macarons in town and I'm happy to say I found them at Circle City Sweets. I respect the hard work and attention to detail that goes into these yummy treats.  Each cookies has to have the balance of a perfectly crispy shell with a soft and chewy interior. Love sinking my teeth into these! If you're in the Indy area, you must check out Circle City Sweets at the City Market.  I think it's becoming a new Saturday tradition for me :) I know I'll be going this weekend!

Have a happy weekend everyone!