A minimal and monochromatic look is simple and easy to pull off, but makes a bold statement. 

Photos by the talented Jade Sharp

Happy Monday everyone!

Hope you all had a great weekend.  Mine was kind of crazy but definitely fun. I went to a casino on Friday night for a Friend’s birthday. One of my friends made $100 on her second try on a slot machine.  I broke even which was nice, but the $100 would have been nice too ;) On Saturday I baked macaroons with my sister-in-law and they turned out so great! I was really proud of us because they are a very tricky cookie to make. We are determined to perfect them and make some other yummy flavors.  I did a few photo shoots for the blog on Saturday and went out with friends that night. We went to 3 bar/restaurants and the wait was 2 hours at all of them! So we ended up just coming back to our place and had food and drinks there. It was still so fun!  I ate too much food on Sunday at a super bowl party and definitely was feeling it this morning..  But that half time show.... So good! (more pics from the weekend below)

Anyways, I love a new week and a fresh start.  On Sunday’s, I always think about how I want the rest of my week to go. Monday's can set the tone for the whole week so I always try to make Monday a good day! 

Goals this week:

  • Smoothies every morning for breakfast- Cort and I had a great smoothie streak last week and hopefully we can carry it into this week as well
  • Cook 4 meals at home this week for dinner: I find that we eat so much healthier when we cook our own food and we end up saving so much money. I bought a ton of groceries yesterday, so I have no excuses. Trying a new Pad Thai recipe!
  • Workout 5 times this week AND make it to a morning spinning class with my friend. I think tonight I might run on the treadmill while I watch The Bachelor! So excited to see who stays. Maybe Olivia will get sent home...
  • Clean out my closet! I’m going to go through all of my old clothes and pitch out whatever I haven’t worn this winter or clothes that I just don’t need anymore.  Starting fresh for spring.

Excited for this week and to celebrate Valentine’s this weekend!

Have a great Monday!



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...a few pics from the weekend