HI! I hope everyone had a great Labor Day weekend! Definitely loved not having work on Monday. This weekend I relaxed by the pool, went out to dinner at one of my favorite places downtown with the hubs, worked out (SO SORE STILL), spent time with the fam at a cookout,  got ice cream with the sista in law, shopped some Labor Day sales at the fabric store, and worked on some crafts! It was a great weekend, lots of random stuff and nothing all at the same time. It was SO ridiculously hot here….I’m over it.  Can it be fall yet?!?!?!

Anyways, I told you guys I’d be wearing white after Labor Day. It’s one of my favorite trends for fall, along with black and white and graphic prints.  I love this mod shift.  It’s a super simple, minimal look, but still interesting and fresh.  I got this dress from The Mint Julep. Did you see the GIVEAWAY I’m doing with them? See my insta for details!


Second best part about a long weekend, it’s already Wednesday!! Whoop. Have a lovely day!