My Favorite Bloggers

Hey guys! Happy hump day! Today I'm sharing some of my favorite bloggers. Theses chicks have killer style, adorable homes, and some amazing beauty tips. I get a lot of inspiration from Pinterest, magazines, and (you guessed it) other bloggers! I follow a lot of bloggers but here are a few of my absolute faves! Who are your favorite bloggers? I'd love to hear! Tomorrow I'm giving an update on my Whole30 experience. Be sure to check back in!


Arielle Charnas// Something Navy

Amber Fillerup-Clark// Barefoot Blonde

Christine Andrews// Hello Fashion Blog

Lauryn Evarts// The Skinny Confidential

Sazan Hendrix//

Paola Alberdi// Blank Itinerary

Emily Gemma// The Sweetest Thing

Rachel Parcell// Pink Peonies