On My Desk

All of my favorite desk must-haves! Links on the right side to shop!


Rifle Paper Co / Birch Floral Planner: I live by my planners. If I forget to bring my planner somewhere it literally causes me anxiety (weird, I know). I have to plan out my day/ week or else I feel like I have no direction and end up doing random things and forgetting all of the important things! I've tried the electronic planner route but I always come back to the tried and true paper planner. I love this planner by Rifle Paper Co.  It's oh so pretty yet very functional at the same time.  So excited for 2016 so I can start using this bad boy!


Poppin / Metallic Gold+ Silver Notebooks: I am a firm believer in pen/paper note taking.  Yes, I love my iphone/ipad but I love scribbling my ideas/thoughts in a notebook.  Whenever I have a random thought pop into my head I have to write it down or else it will disappear within seconds. I'm very into gold, as you can tell by my desk accessories, so these are perfect. I always keep a notebook in my purse so I can write things down when I'm on the go, so these thin notebooks are perfect.

Poppin / Assorted Task Pads: I am an avid list maker. There is not a day that goes by that I don't make a to-do list.  There is something so empowering about physically crossing things off your to-list.  At the beginning of every day I look at tasks that weren't crossed off from the day before (like this Redbox I keep forgetting to return) and transfer it over onto a new to do list for that day. 

Rifle Paper Co / Assorted Card Set: I love giving and receiving a sweet, handwritten note. I think this is becoming a lost art, but it still makes my day to know someone took the time to write a note for me and I want others to feel the same way.  This assorted card set is perfect for birthdays, thank you’s, or just saying hi! They are Parisian themed and super feminine. Love them!!  I’m pretty good at writing thank you cards… my issue is remembering to actually hand it out. Sometimes they can sit on my desk for a couple weeks- trying to get better!


Drop it Modern / Gold Elephant Accessory: Every desk needs fun, decorative objects and accessories to keep the area playful and energizing.  Boring work spaces are no good.  I love this golden elephant from Drop it Modern.  It's cute, random, and pulls together the other gold accents.


Macrografiks/ Pink Abstract Paint Tablet Cover: I love my tablet. I think the iPad mini is the perfect size for all sorts of random things such as reading magazines on airplanes, and surfing the web. Definitely not a necessity, but still nice to have.  I love this artsy cover from Makrografiks Etsy shop (I recently re-discovered my love for Etsy..wow so much cute stuff!)




Kismet / Succulent Liquid Lipstick: There is a good chance that at all times there is a lipstick/lipgloss/chapstick within 2 feet of me.  I can't get enough! Currently loving Flamingo by Kismet. 




SeauxChicMonograms/ Fruit Infused Water Bottle: I LOVE fruit infused water.  It's so much easier to drink water with a little bit of flavoring, but not all of the sugar.  My bottle has lemon, cucumber, lime, and orange! Such a tasty combo. This bottle is so cute and even has my initials monogrammed on it! SeauxChicMonograms is an affordable options for those who love monograms!




Artice / White Marble iPhone Case: I'm obsessed with white and grey marble right now.  Like I want to buy a marble table, marble coasters, marble laptop cover, marble nightstand, marble floors, marble everything.  But I can't. So I love my little faux marble iPhone case by Artice.  So cute and simple. 




Nest / Grapefruit Votive Candle: My sister-in-law got me this candle for my birthday (and a tangerine one) and it's THE BEST THING EVER.  It smells so good that I actually just want to eat it.  Even when they're no lit, they still give off a beautiful aroma. Go buy one or 10 now.




Anthropologie / Monogram Mug: I worked at Anthro for a very short time during the holidays last year and LOADED UP on fun mugs and bowls.  This is one of my favs. So cute and only $8! Gotta have that caf.




Threshold / Starburst Mirror Set: Target has the cutest home decor.  I love these gold starburst mirrors. Such a fun detail to have around the apartment! It's the little things, y'all!





Afloral/ Fake Flowers: I love real flowers, but you can't always have an endless supply of fresh white roses. So I resort to fakes from Afloral.  I think they look real... so hey, it works!