Patio Dreams

I'm so excited to share today's post with y'all- our patio decor! I shared a couple sneak peeks for you guys (here and here) and it made me so happy to hear how much you all loved it!  This was such a fun project for us and I'm absolutely thrilled with how everything came together. When we bought this house, we knew this patio had so much potential. It's not the biggest space, but I was determined to transform this area into an outdoor oasis.  After a few trips to At Home, I was able to find everything I needed to make that dream a reality.


You guys already know that I love At Home and it's where I find majority of our home decor.  If you've never been to At Home, you're missin' out!  Picture a massive warehouse filled with aisles upon aisles of furniture, home decor, and literally anything you need for your house, at unbeatable prices. All of the pieces you see in this post are from At Home (I go to the one in Noblesville, IN) and you can click here to find the store closest to you. 

At Home has an amazing selection of outdoor furniture including tables, sectionals, patio sets, wicker chairs, umbrellas, ottomans, you name it! Since space was somewhat of a factor with our patio, I wanted to find a patio set that would fit our space perfectly and cater to long hours of lounging. We landed on the Weston Set which is a resort-inspired sectional. It's modular so you can arrange it however you want for your space. It's so comfortable and I'm slightly embarrassed to say how many hours we've already logged lounging on it.  I also love-love-loved the Porto and Aubergene sets but our space was a little too small for them! A lot of you have asked if the furniture + cushions are weather-resistant. They are! All of the furniture + cushions on our patio are made for outdoor use, but some of our extra throw rugs and blankets are not. We ordered a huge water-proof furniture cover from Amazon to drape over our sectional when it rains. We throw the pillows and blankets under as well, just to be safe!

When I was planning this space, I looked on Pinterest for inspiration which really helped! One thing I knew I wanted was lots and lots of texture and cozy fabrics.  I made sure to find some cool throw rugs, blankets, and pillows to make this space feel super comfortable and inviting.  I love the wicker chairs and the fun egg-shaped swivel chair for extra seating. I might even bring them inside when the weather starts to get cold because I think they'd look so cute in the living room as well!


The one downside about our patio is the lack of privacy. Living in a townhome means you're just feet away from your next door neighbors. It's not a huge deal, but sometimes it just felt like we didn't have our own space if we were outside at the same time as our next door neighbors.  I decided to put some plants along the edges of our patio to create a little privacy and I can't tell you how much of a difference it has made! It truly makes me feel like I have my own little escape from the rest of the world. If you live in an apartment/condo/townhome or just want to create privacy from your neighbors, I highly recommend this little hack! The faux plant department at At Home is unreal. They have an insane selection of faux succulents, cacti, palm plants, and more at (you guessed it) amazing prices. These plants aren't technically meant for the outdoors, but they've been perfectly fine out in the rain and sun and I zip-tied them to our balcony so they wouldn't blow over.  Huge game changer!

Here's to many warm summer nights and crisp fall days on this patio! I hope this helped give you some inspiration for your own space. Thanks for reading!



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Photography by Amber Bryant Photography. This post was brought to you in partnership with At Home. All opinions and text are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands I love!