Proposal Story

Photographyby Haleigh Cates

Photographyby Haleigh Cates

Cort proposed one year ago today so I thought I would share the story! 

About a week before the proposal, I was hanging out with a few of my best friends (who were in on the plan) and they asked me what I wanted to do for my birthday. I just wanted to do something casual like go out for dinner and drinks with a group of people.  Then one of my besties got all sentimental, which is so typical of her that I didn't even suspect anything. She kept saying that it's our last year all together in college and that we should all go to lake Monroe on my birthday to take pictures and watch the sunset before we meet up with other friends. So I was like, okay sounds like a plan.

So my birthday rolls around.  Cort took me out for breakfast in the morning and totally acted completely normal and told me he would see me later that night which was the plan.  So after classes (this was during senior year) I met up with the girls and we headed over to the lake. I was being a complete weirdo in the car and dancing/sticking my head out of the sunroof thanks to TSwift 22 and KPerry Birthday.   When we got to the lake we walked around, and took some pictures and my friend was like, oh lets go to that one dock we went out on last year and see if it's open. 

As we walked towards the dock, I could see Cort standing in the distance at the end of a red carpet with a small gift bag in his hand. I was completely shocked when I saw him standing there!  And I don't know why, but I got really scared! I grabbed my friend and just kept telling her I was scared and asked her like ten times why he was here.  She was like, it's okay, just walk towards the dock.  I made her walk with me and it felt like the longest walk ever just to get to the dock.  Then when I finally got to the dock I had to walk all the way to him which felt like 10 miles. My head was spinning... like why is he here? Maybe he's just giving me a birthday present! Cort likes to make things special, so maybe he's just making a big deal out of my birthday! But then why would there be a red carpet. AHHHH. Is he proposing?! ahhhhhh. I finally got to him and I was just like, "hiiiii.... what are you doing here?" The rest was a blur. He told me I looked beautiful and that he had a card he wanted to read me.  I don't really remember what the card said but just sweet things about us and our relationship.  THEN THE MOMENT CAME.  He told me he had something to ask me and got down on one knee. CUE EVERY TAYLOR SWIFT SONG EVER.  He asked me to marry him and I obviously said YES and according to my friends I started wailing... (I don't think that happened). I don't even remember seeing the ring because it was such a blur.  Then there was honking and cheering and I turned around to see our families and some friends.  I was so happy when I saw everyone get out of their cars and walk towards the dock. It was so surreal to think wow, that's my future sister in law!! It made it so much more amazing having so many people I love there.   We ran to say hi to everyone and I finally got to see my ring and fell in love with it right away. 

We had a little celebration under a twinkling pavilion with everyone as the sun set on the lake.  It was literally the most perfect, beautiful evening and I was completely surprised.   It was such a magical night surrounded by friends and family.  I will cherish this day and replay it in my head forever.