Pumpkin Pickin' in my High Rise Levi's

I truly think one of the best feelings in the world is putting on a pair of bomb jeans and knowing you look like a rockstar in them. Over the past year, I’ve fallen in LOVE with Levi’s. It’s actually become kind of an obsession to find my favorite styles. I’m usually a 501 or Wedgie kind of gal, but recently I found the “Mom” fit jeans and it truly had me questioning how I could call myself a fashion blogger and not know about these! I don’t where these have been my whole life but, I absolutely love them and the fit is amazing. They’re high waisted, looser through the legs, and tapered at towards the ankles, which I think is the trifecta for a super flattering pair of jeans. They’re true denim, 100% cotton with no stretch, but I ordered my usual size and they’re perfect. I also recently ordered two other pairs that I love. I’ll link them below as well. They’re both true to size and you can see some recent photos of me wearing them here and here. Thanks for stopping by guys!

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Other favorites from Levi’s:

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