San Francisco Trip

San Francisco, California

On Sunday, I returned from a 5 day trip to San Francisco with my husband! It was my first time in San Fran, and I loved it. It's such a unique city and nothing at all like southern California.  A couple months ago, my husband told me that he needed to go to SF for a work trip. He only had to work for 2 days so he asked if I wanted to come along and extend our trip to 5 days for a little vacay! It didn't take me too long to say yes! Our hotel was right downtown in Union Square so there were a ton of cool restaurants, shops, and fun things to do right where we were staying. The two days that Cort worked, I definitely stayed busy exploring the city.  I walked 13 miles on the first day basically just from shopping and walking around haha. Whoever said shopping wasn't a workout..... lol. I decided to venture out of the city on the second day and go see the famous Painted Ladies houses in Alamo Square. I walked to Hayes Valley where there are a ton of cute houses, colorful boutiques, coffees shops, and cool restaurants. In the evenings, Cort and I went on some adventures when he got off work. We went to Coit Tower and Lombard Street. Both were such a hike! Oh my gosh the streets are sooooo steep there.  Like I felt like I was walking at a 45 degree angle.  We had some yummmmy Italian food in Little Italy and also went to Ghirardelli Square for some chocolate.

The rest of the days, Cort didn't have work so we got to explore together. One day, we biked across the Golden Gate Bridge which was so fun. Just biking to the bridge was sooo hard. It's super hilly so there were times I had to walk my bike because I felt like I was going to start rolling backwards.  At one point, I pulled off of the sidewalk to take a picture and I got tangled in my bike and fell off... and this was on flat land (embarrassing).  Anyways, biking across the Golden Gate Bridge was soooo gorgeous. The views were incredible and it was one of those moments where pictures just don't do it justice.  We biked into Sausalito which is such a cool city in the Bay Area that is super European.  It was so gorgeous and quaint and we had the bet Italian food (again). I don't know why there is so much good Italian food in SF, but I'm not complainin!

On our last day we went to the beautiful Wine Country in Sonoma/Napa Valley.  So many people told me that I had to go while I was visiting because it was so romantic and gorgeous. They were totally right! We have some friends who moved out to SF about a year ago and they live 30 minutes from Napa so we met up with them and had such a good time! They drove us through the mountains which were incredible (and kind of scary to drive through) and then had some amazing wine with gorgeous views!  It was such a fun, memorable trip and I'm glad we packed so much into our 5 days. I'm probably forgetting some things that we did, but hope you enjoyed this quick recap! Have a great day everyone!