Happy humpday!! Today I'm sharing a look that I've been ob-sessed with. As most of you know, I fractured my foot and had to be in a boot for 4 weeks.  I am finally healed (woohoo!!) but I still want to take good care of my feet and avoid sandals/heels as much as possible! I bought two pairs of Adidas Superstars and I've been wearing them non-stop. I love them because I can be super comfortable (I even added inserts to be safe) and still be stylish. Today I'm adding a feminine twist to this sporty look.  I love these leggings because, let's be real, black leggings can get a little boring. The mesh cut-outs keep this pair interesting and edgy.  This top was a total steal from Forever21 (it's actually plus size but I love the loose fit). It was only $9 and I couldn't find it online to link it but they have some in stores! I love the pink color that keeps this edgy/sporty look feminine.  I've linked everything below so happy shopping! :)



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