Spring Green

Spring months call for bright, fun colors! Don’t get me wrong, I still love wearing black (all year round) and lots of neutrals, but It’s fun to switch it up and add some pops of color into the wardrobe. Especially when most of those fun colors were drowned out with the long winter.  I love this dress from Miss Chic because it’s such a fun bright color and still very simple.  I feel like it’s something I could wear with sneakers and a jean jacket or dress it up with heels.  Okay so disclaimer- the weather this day was so funky. Like one second the sun would be beaming down, and the next it would be suuuper cloudy and dark. So the lighting is kind of off with these photos and I had to adjust them and try to take away some of the shadows. Anyways, I say all of that to say that the color of the dress is actually a little different in real life! Check the website to see the true color. It’s a little greener and less of a light aqua blue color? If that makes sense…. Just wanted to give a warning because in some of the pictures I was like, woah! This dress looks really light.


I paired this dress with a pair of snakeskin heels from The Rage that (I also wore in this post) and a blush necklace from H&M. I got the necklace a year ago but I will link a few similar ones. Hope everyone's having a great week!