Style and Safety with Aubry Lane

Photos by the talented Jade Sharp

Living in a new city is somewhat scary. Half the time, I have no idea where I am driving and all it takes is one wrong turn to wind up in a bad area (that I didn't even know was a bad area).  Don’t get me wrong, I love it here- but I just have to be more aware and take extra precautions to be safe.  Today I’m introducing you to an amazing brand, Aubry Lane, that combines style and safety. Their gorgeous handbags have unique technology to keep women feeling safe, empowered, and fearless, wherever they are.

To be honest, this whole style and safety thing was a completely new concept for me.  When my mom dropped me off at college, she gave me a large, bright purple whistle and told me to blow it in case I ever felt unsafe…. I appreciated the effort, but you better believe that whistle never left my dorm room.  Insert Aubry Lane.  Aubry Lane handbags come with technology that gives women the opportunity to track their bags if stolen, and they come with a built-in cell phone/SOS device in case of an emergency.  If I’m ever in danger, I can hit the SOS button and a text message would be sent to up to 5 contacts of my choice. It will show my location and actually call the people on the list so I can speak to them like I would with my phone.  This technology is seamlessly integrated into designer bags, and won’t take away from the clean, chic look.  These bags also include a wireless charger than can charge your cell phone and the SOS device so you're never without power- also perfect for me because my phone is always dying!

In 2014, 9.2 million women were victims of identity theft and in 2015, 2.7 million people were victims of violent crimes. I love that Aubry Lane is fighting to change these statistics and help women feel safe and secure- and I want that for you too! Use LEMON30 for 30% off your purchase at Aubry Lane!

Thanks so much for reading ladies! Stay safe!