The Comfiest Olive Shorts

Oh heyyyyyyyy!

Happy Monday yall. Today I'm sharing these adorbs flowy shorts that I insta-selfied last week. They're so comfy and feel like pajamas and I may or may not have worn them twice last week! For this look, I paired them with a simple shirt and an edgy sharktooth necklace. The shorts and necklace are from BohoBlu. They have tons of cute, boutique finds at affordable prices.  I love finding a good online boutique that offers unique items that you can't buy everywhere.  It always makes me feel like I found a gem.  I've linked everything below so you can recreate this look! ALSO you can use code "XOKATHLEEN" to receive 10% off of your entire order until 15th :) 

So a few life updates.  If you follow me on Shapchat or Instagram, you've probably seen that Cort and I are doing Whole30. We are currently 8 days in and going strong! It's been hard but I'm really glad that we're doing it.  It definitely takes a lot of extra time to meal prep and plan ahead for meals to prevent getting hangry or end up messing up- but I think it will be totally worth it and I already feel better.  

You also may have seen that I'm in a boot :( I have a stress fracture in my right foot and I have to wear a boot for at least 4 weeks.  My foot has been bothering me for sooooo long and I finally couldn't take it anymore so I went to a podiatrist, got X-rays, and found out that I'm not crazy and I have a stress fracture.  It's probably a combination of running/impact on my foot, walking a lot in sandals/wearing bad shoes in general. It's totally not the end of the world but it's definitely annoying. This boot is so heavy and I feel like I'm dragging a bowling ball around with me. It's annoying when I drive because I have to wear it out to the car, take it off to drive, then put it back on before I get out of the car.  It also makes photo shoots a little more challenging because I have to walk in the boot, switch shoes for pictures, then put it back on to walk back. So please bear with me if my blog is a little light or if all of my shoots are in the same place (right outside my  I'll probably be wearing sandals in all my posts- no heels for me anytime soon! Thanks so much for following along guys!



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