The Perfect Dolman Sweater

Guysss I've been so sick today! I never get this sick so it's pretty miserable.  I'm always so jealous when people "take a sick day" because I just picture them laying on the couch all day in comfy pajamas, watching Netflix, and sipping hot chocolate..... NO. I will never get jealous again when someone stays home sick because it's honestly the worst.  I'm starting to hate my bed and I'd give anything to be working right now and feeling better. So, I'm sorry about this post coming at you so late! I finally got some energy to type :)

Okay, enough about that. Let's move on to something a little more positive, like how I'm obsessed with this outfit! I got this sweater from Magnolia Boutique and I love it. When I saw it, I knew I had to have it.  I loved the short dolman sleeves and color combo- I don't have anything like it.  I pictured myself pairing it with a skirt because it's shorter in the front and longer in the back.  I was thinking I would pair it with a denim skirt, but I ended up loving this pink corduroy skirt with it.  When I was in St. Louis a couple weekends back, I paired this sweater with jeans and booties and I loved that look as well.  The sweater I wore in yesterday's post was also from Magnolia and let's just say, their sweater game is on point. So many cute ones. I've had a handful of questions on Instagram about where my purse is from. It's from Shop Suey Boutique and I'll link it below.  It's seriously the perfect size and color.  There's a removable strap that comes with it so you kind of get two looks.  Also, I've had sooo many questions on Instagram about the lip color that I've been wearing (not wearing it in this post). It's Dopey by ColourPop and it's the perfect mauve.  I'll link it below as well.   And finally, one tip on the boots, I would order a 1/2 size to 1 whole size up! They run kind of small. Okay guys, thanks so much for stopping by!!  Hopefully I'll be feeling better soon!



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