Guys. I am in love with throw it on shirts.  That's what one of my besties and I call a shirt that you can throw on in two seconds and still look cute, but casual.  Creative name, right? We're like "ooh, I love your throw it on". Anyways. I love this throw it on from new Indy boutique 7th & Park
.   Pair it with leggings or throw a jacket over it and you're good to go!  I'm also really into hats right now for fall.  You can shop my look below and...... check out my insta for another give away! They just keep coming people! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! I sure did.  I went camping with some friends!  I felt so outdoorsy and had so much fun hiking, roasting mallows over a campfire, and sleeping in tents... but It's definitely nice to be back in civilization.  Currently watching the Emmy's red carpet and loving my electricity and air conditioning!




Mocha Drape Top// Floppy Hat// Ponte Pant// Fringe Booties