Daily Beauty Routine

Sharing my updated makeup with you guys today! You can click here to watch a tutorial and I’ve linked all of the products that I use below. Just click on the image in the collage to shop! I also added some additional details below. Hope this helps!

  1. Primer- I’ve tried a lot of primers that I love, but lately this one has been my favorite. It is super lightweight and mattifying so it absorbs excess oil. It also reduces the appearance of pores, fine lines and imperfections. I also really like this Hangover Primer, Photo Finish Primer, and this Pimerizer.

  2. Foundation- Full coverage foundation, I wear shade 2.5 and apply it with a damp beauty blender. Lasts all day and gives amazing coverage. I’m on my second bottle and I LOVE it! I’ve also tried a few other full coverage foundations that I love: Born this Way, and Double Wear. They honestly all work great and provide amazing full coverage throughout the day. If you’re looking for lighter coverage, I recommend All Day Luminance Weightless Foundation. I used to wear this until I realized that I wanted more coverage, but it’s great if you’re looking for something a little lighter.

  3. Concealer- best concealer I’ve tried! I use shade light and apply it under my eyes, between my brows, around my lips and over any blemishes and then I blend with a damp beauty blender.

  4. Setting Powder- Amazing setting powder that I’ve used for years. It lasts such a long time so you’ll definitely get your money’s worth. It helps set your makeup and absorb any oils so your foundation stays in place all day.

  5. Powder Foundation- Sometimes I’ll apply a little powder foundation if I want some extra coverage. I usually put it in the same place that I put my concealer; under my eyes, around my lips, and over any blemishes.

  6. Bronzer- I’ve tried lots of bronzers and I tend to keep going back to this one. It’s definitely one of my favorites. It has a nice, natural color and a tiny bit of shimmer.

  7. Bronzer- If I’m feeling really pale and want some extra color, sometimes I’ll add a little bit of this bronzer- it’s another one of my favorites!

  8. Blush- This is the best blush! I use the shade orgasm and it has amazing color with a little bit of shimmer. It also lasts such a long time because a little bit goes a long way.

  9. Highlighter- There are a few highlighters that I love but I’ve been using this one for about a year and it’s lasted me so long! It has the perfect amount of shimmer without looking overdone or sparkly.

  10. Setting Spray- This is my favorite setting spray that I’ve tried. It helps your makeup stay in place throughout the day and gives you a “finished” look.

  11. Shadow Primer- Definitely a must for preventing creases! Helps your shadow stay in place throughout the day and also helps the application process go more smoothly. Definitely recommend!

  12. Eyeshadow- There are so many shadow pallets that I love! This one has some gorgeous shades that you can create so many different looks with. I absolutely love it.

  13. Eyelash Curler- Curling your eyelashes makes such a big difference! I always curl before applying mascara.

  14. Brow Pencil- I like that this pencil is super thin so you can be very detailed when filling in your brows without making them look too thick.

  15. Brow Gel- This is like mascara for your brows and I love it. I’ve used it for years and it just helps create a finished look for your brows and adds a little color for definition.

  16. Liquid Liner- There are a couple liquid liners that I love! Any of these work great and you really can’t go wrong. My other favorites are: Maneater and Tattoo. Each of these last such a long time without drying out and they help you create really crisp lines for your liner.

  17. Mascara- Omg I’ve tried so many mascaras and this is my all time favorite. Creates the longest, thickest lashes and I’ve gone through so many tubes of this because I just haven’t found anything else I like better!

  18. Lip Stick- You guys alwaysssss ask me about my lipstick and this is what I use (almost) every day! Shade is Salt Lyfe and it’s a perfect mauvey pink. It’s super hydrating which is perfect because my lips are always chapped!

  19. Lip Gloss- Sometimes I’ll apply this gloss over my lipstick or I’ll just wear it on its own. It’s also super hydrating and has a nice tint. I like Berry Brown!