Vibrant Florals

Photos by Lisa Ann Photography

Hey friends!! I'm currently blogging from my car as we drive across the country to our new home in LA! I was dreading this drive but it's actually going so fast! Granted... I haven't been doing the driving ;)  We decided to ship one of our cars and drive the other one so we could have both while we are out there. Yesterday we drove about 12 hours to Oklahoma City and stayed there for the night. We stumbled upon a really cool restaurant and hit the hotel gym to make up for sitting on our butts for 12 hours.  Today we are logging another 12 ish hours and will stay somewhere in Arizona! I've never driven this far west before. I've flown west, but it's so weird driving through states I've never been to before.. like Oklahoma, Arizona, and New Mexico. We're currently in Texas which I've been to multiple times, but it's a completely different story when you're driving. There's so much farmland! We've been wanting to stop for lunch but there's been no civilization for miles!! Anyways, I'm so excited to get to LA and hit the beach :)

About this outfit.. I'm obsessed! I wore this dress from StyleWe last Sunday and felt so great in it. It's such a fun dress that has a lot of detail. There's multiple tiers on the sleeves and skirt which makes it super fun and flowy.  I also love the high neck and vibrant floral pattern. I usually opt for more subtle colors but I love the bold punch with these spring colors. I paired this dress with these camel mule heels that I recently revived from last spring. I've found myself pairing them with everythingggg lately. I linked a few similar styles below that I definitely recommend! The thicker heel makes them easy to walk in and they're very versatile so I think you'll get your money's worth! Hope everyone has a great day and I'll keep you updated on our journey!



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