Wedding Guest Attire

Wedding season is upon us and I’ve rounded up some great go-to outfits for anything from the casual garden party to the swanky downtown reception. But regardless of the dressiness for different weddings, there are a few rules to live by across the board when it comes to wedding attire.

Number 1: NO WHITE. I like to think that this goes without saying, but there’s always that one person trying to show off their bronzed tan with a sexy white dress. I understand the temptation, I do, but it just ain’t the time or place.

Number 2: Avoid looking like a bridesmaid. This one can get a little bit tricky because how the heck are you supposed to know what the bridal party is wearing? My general rule of thumb is to stay away from basic solid-colored maxi dresses because almost every bridesmaid dresses seems to fall under that category nowadays. This may sound extreme and unnecessary, but I’ll just say that I’ve definitely showed up to a wedding looking like I could join in on bridal party photos and it was AWKWARD lol. If you’re set on a solid maxi dress, try taking some hints from the color scheme on their invites on what to avoid!

Number 3: Underdressing. Don’t be that person showing up in jeans and a tshirt. I feel like this is less of an issue for women and more a risk for the single dudes of the world but nonetheless, keeping a go-to black dress in your closet is always a better option.

And incase you’re still stuck on what to wear, check out some of my fave wedding looks below!

Casual / Outdoor

Semi- Formal / Cocktail

Formal / Black-Tie OPTIONAL