White after Labor Day


1. White wrap top// 2. White boots// 3. White sweatshirt// 4. Satin camisole// 5. Ruffle blouse// 6. Ivory lace dress// 7. Tassel earrings// 8. White nail polish// 9. White ball cap// 10. Wide leg pants// 11. White handbag// 12. White sneakers// 13. Moto leggings

Ahhhh it's the last day to wear white! Just kidding. The "no white after Labor Day" is a fashion law that I don't abide by.  Whoever said no "white after Labor Day" was seriously disturbed. ;) anyone get my reference, anyone? If not, go watch Legally Blonde. It's a great movie. Anyways, I personally think when worn well, white looks great all year round.  White is a very chic color that can make a bold statement or look soft and cozy or look sleek and sophisticated. This versatile color shouldn't be limited to only part of the year! There are many ways you can incorporate white into your wardrobe and you'll be seeing that white handbags and shoes are very on-trend this fall. If you don't feel like rockin' white pants after Labor Day, maybe try white boots with your blue jeans or an ivory dress with fall accessories.  I've linked a few of my favorite white pieces that you can find me in throughout this whole year and at the very bottom I linked the outfit that I'm wearing today.  Enjoy! And happy Labor Day!




Favorite White Pieces:

Today's look: