Lace-Up Dress and Whole 30 Update

Hey loves! I'm absolutely obsessed with this little floral lace-up number.  I paired it with white sneakers for a cute, sporty look.  My dress is from GG Boutique and you can use code LEMONBLONDE for 25% off your order for the next month! Gotta love a good discount. This dress will be live on their site next week but I've linked it in another color below! You guys know I'm all about easy, casual dresses that you can throw on and still look cute when you're running out the door.  I'm going to start incorporating more sneakers into my wardrobe due to my stress fracture. I'm trying to take better care of my feet and wear less sandals, so of course I had to get some cute Superstars to add to the wardrobe. Luckily, for those of us with bad feet, the sneaker/dress combo is very in right now (thanks Jenners!!).


So as most of you know, Cort and I have been doing Whole30 for the past 24 days. I have gotten a lot of questions about what I can/can't eat, how we got started, and just the experience overall, so I wanted to give a little update on how the past (3 ish) weeks have been.

What is Whole30?

This is straight from the Whole30 website: "Cut out all the psychologically unhealthy, hormone-unbalancing, gut-disrupting, inflammatory food groups for a full 30 days. Let your body heal and recover from whatever effects those foods may be causing. Push the “reset” button with your metabolism, systemic inflammation, and the downstream effects of the food choices you’ve been making. Learn once and for all how the foods you’ve been eating are actually affecting your day to day life, and your long term health."

The short version that I tell people: It's like the paleo diet, but more strict, for 30 days, with no cheats. 

What can you eat/drink?

Vegetables (most of them), grass-fed/organic meats, cage-free eggs, (most) nuts, (most) potatoes, fruit, black coffee, sparkling water, plain tea, almond milk (plain, no sweetener)

What can't you eat/drink?

Grains, dairy, sugar, alcohol, beans, corn, gum, hummus, any sweeteners, anything processed, peanuts/ peanut butter, gum

I'm sure I left things out so here is the full list of what you can/ can't eat on Whole30

Why are you doing Whole30? You don't need to lose weight!

Well, thank you to those who have said that.. but It's not about losing weight for us.  We both have been complaining for MONTHS about how "bleh" we feel. Usually after eating we feel lethargic, too full, and for me, headachy.  We kept saying, "we need to eat healthier", but would never make any changes. Finally, we were fed up and just felt that we needed to reset our bodies and make a radical change.  Our goals with Whole30 are to feel more energized, alert, and healthier overall.  You're actually not allowed to weigh yourself during the 30 days because the focus is not on weight.  

What have you been eating?

Tons of eggs, salads, green smoothies, turkey "burgers" without the bun (swap the bun for a lettuce wrap and make guac as a topping), spaghetti squash, chicken and broccoli, pork chops and brussel sprouts, some potatoes, bananas and apples with sugar free almond butter, "tacos" (grilled veggies and chicken with guac on a lettuce wrap), cashews, apples, almonds.... that's about it!! lol.

Have you felt better?

YES! Loads better. I haven't had any "food hangovers" in the 3 weeks since we've been eating this way.  I haven't had any headaches and I feel energized and not overly full after meals.  I've definitely felt better throughout the day and I'm sleeping better at night. I haven't felt bloated and I feel more awake in the mornings. 

Has it been hard?

YES! ...and no. I've definitely had cravings at times and wish I could just stuff my face with chocolate or ice cream (let's be real.. it ain't easy), but I feel so good that it makes it totally worth it. It's hard to plan ahead for meals and meal prep at the beginning of the week. I've spent about 2-2.5 hours the past three Sundays prepping food. I cut up veggies, cook the chicken and sweet potatoes, boil eggs, and make a quiche.  It takes more time and energy to stick to a strict plan, but whenever I plan ahead, it makes my week easier.  It's been hard socially because so much revolves around food and drinks. I've had to say no to a lot of things with friends or I'll go, but not eat or drink. But I know this is short term and it makes those times much easier knowing that it won't be this rigid forever.

So what are you going to do when it's over?

Eat ice cream. No really, we already have plans to go get ice cream at Graeter's when we are finished. But overall, my goal with this is to find a good balance. In a perfect world, I would eat Whole30 throughout the week and allow myself to be more lenient on the weekends or at social events.  I definitely want to retain some of these good habits such as meal prepping, being very selective at the grocery store, packing healthy lunches, and cooking more meals throughout the week. I know that this "diet" is not sustainable for the long term because it's so strict so it was never my intention to do this forever.  I would like to maintain this style of healthy eating with very few grains and lots of protein and veggies.. but I also want to be flexible.  We wanted a period of time to just completely reset our bodies and hopefully build some good habits along the way. 

I think this pretty much covers most of the questions I've been getting but let me know if you have any others! There's also a ton of info on the Whole30 website! 

Have a great day guys!