Winter Wardrobe Rut

Beautiful photography by the talented Images by Amber.

I'm currently listening to the new JT album as I write this... What do you guys think of it? I like a few of his songs but it's definitely different from his other albums... not sure how I feel about it.

Anyways, that's not the point of this post.... Let's talk about winter clothes. If you live somewhere cold like I do, you can probably relate to my feelings on the topic.  When September and October roll around, I'm DYING to pull out my winter clothes.  All of my jackets, boots, scarves, and sweaters feel so new and exciting.  It's like I have a whole new wardrobe that I completely forgot existed for the past 6 months. Then January and February roll around, and I'm over it. The excitement has totally worn off and I find myself wearing the same sweater, leggings, Uggs, and massive black parka everyday.  I'm sick of my winter clothes and ready for spring. Unfortunately, in all reality, I won't be able to wear spring clothes for another TWO MONTHS.  So now what? Let's talk about getting out of a Winter Wardrobe Rut. 

My outfit: Jacket / Necklaces (use code Kathleen10 for 10% off) / Top / Jeans / Shoes / Backpack

Buy a new coat:

I know a coat is probably the LAST thing you want to buy when spring is on your mind, but now is the perfect time to buy coats! They're typically on sale and there are so many cute, new styles that you can rock.... and you will thank yourself for it next winter! Let's be real, you're probably going to be wearing one for the next couple months so you might as well have a new coat that you're actually excited to put on!  The same big, black, puffy parka that you've been wearing since November is probably not very exciting to pull out of the closet every morning.  What about a textured pink coat? or a fluffy brown coat? or a bright red coat? Here are a few fun styles below.. under $100!


It's so easy to add fun accessories to your wardrobe that cost you next to nothing. I recently bought two new scarves from Forever 21 at $9.99 each and they instantly transformed my repeat outfits and scored me a few compliments.  You can still feel warm and cozy (and lazy) while looking cute.  Switch things up by adding a spring colored bag or a cute new hat to your outfit.

Wear a bold sweater:

Just because you're bundled up, doesn't mean you need to look drab! Bright bold colored sweaters and stripes are very "in" right now. Add a few bold sweaters to your wardrobe and I promise it will help on the days that you have the winter blues. 

Refresh your basics:

When it's freezing outside, sometimes the LAST thing we want to do is look cute. I recently added a couple new basics to my wardrobe that I know I'll get a lot of use out of on the days that I just want to have a casual look. It still feels fresh and new, but it's cozy and takes minimal effort.  

Happy weekend everyone!