Over-the-Knee Boots

Today I'm talking about a style that I absolutely love right now... but honestly, did not like at first! Over-the-knee boots!!

I absolutely love over-the-knee boots right now! Last season when I first started seeing this trend, I honestly did not like it.  I just thought it was a strange look and maybe it was the way I had seen it styled, but I did not have any desire to own a pair.  This season, I had a maj change of heart and started seeing them styled in a really cute way and was dying to get my hands on my own. (I've added a few photos of style inspo below!)

A few tips for over-the-knee boots!

Find a pair that is the right height on you.  If you're shorter, yours might hit you mid-thigh, which can be a cute look- but if you want them to hit you right above the knee, opt for a shorter pair.  Opposite is true for taller girls, you don't want your boots to barely graze your knee. This pair stretches, which is perfect because I can pull them over my jeans and right above my knees and they will stay put.

Keep your look simple. I personally think over-the-knee boots can be a little flashy, so I kept my look tamed with a black knit turtle neck, and a black and grey poncho.  I added red lips for a pop of color and wore blue jeans so my black boots would stand out. 

Test out materials to find your favorite. Suede? Leather? Find what works for you and rock it. I am suede obsessed right now and love this soft texture. I'd also love to get a pair of faux leather!


I've listed my favorite boots, ponchos, and inspired looks below!



Fav Knee-High Boots

Fav Ponchos

Outfit Inspo

(all images found on Pinterest)

My Look:

Poncho: TJ Maxx- I couldn't find my exact one so I linked similar above.

Boots: Akira- Linked above!

Gold Bar Earrings: Etsy Shop- BravuraJewelry925

Crystal Stud Earrings: Etsy Shop- Ruth Barzel

Phone Case: Etsy Shop- Gull Print