My Winter Uniform

Everyone has their go-to outfit and lately this has been mine.  Black skinnies, a black eyelash sweater, black boots, an oversized scarf, and grey wool coat.  It's that "I'm running out the door for dinner with friends but still want to look somewhat put together" outfit.  I snagged this coat on sale after Thanksgiving at Forever 21, and I'm so glad I picked it up. It's nice because it's still really casual but it just looks more put together than the black puffy jacket that I would normally throw on when running out the door.  I'm really glad that I expanded my coat collection this winter.  I feel like it allowed me to have so much more fun with my outfits, rather than wearing one coat all season.  I never used to like winter outfits because I always felt like they would just hide behind a coat, but this season I really tried to incorporate my coat in with my outfits. Living in Indiana, you can typically need a coat from October-March (sometimes April... yes, it has snowed here in April.)  That's a good chunk of the year! So my thinking this winter was, if it's a cute jacket and it's on sale.. go for it.

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Photos by Jade Sharp